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Acting Demo Reels Services


Produced your own original short films
Showcase your acting skills. No script, no worries we will find you a good one.

See some scenes samples here


All scripts required basic standard script format and are evaluated as one minute per page.
All productions will be shot with 4k blackmagic cinema camera with professional audio.
All productions will be filmed in our studios or on locations.
All productions will have liability insurance up to 2 million dollars coverage.
All productions will be professionally filmed, edited, color corrected and sound mixed.
All music use will be from our in-house library.
All productions will be made ready to submit to film festivals and IMDB for industry credit.
All productions will be produced in the state of Massachusetts.
All productions will obtain Screen Actors Guild (SAG) contract as necessary.


Principal Package ($500)

(5 minutes short film up to 3 scenes, 2 locations and 1 actor)


Fundamental Package ($1,500)
(10 minutes short film up to 5 scenes, 5 locations and 3 actors)


Supreme Package ($5,000)
(15 to 20 minutes short film up to 10 scenes, 10 locations and unlimited actors)

Demo Reel Samples

Our Acting demo reels packages are calculated as a distinctive way to showcase your acting skills with a professional short motion picture with an immediate turnaround.  Our production layout has the perfect way to advance and create a high quality short film with the feel and look of a major motion picture.  Each package has its own setting.  However, the main highlights are mentioned above to guaranty a professional final product.


The Fundamental Package and the Supreme Package are excellent for actors who wants to team up to work together on creating work to include in their demo reels.  It will also improve their biography and filmography as working actors in the industry.  Therefore, it is required that you select a very talented group of actors to collaborate with you to help you shine on the screen.  Once you sign up to produce a short film you will obtain an Associate Producer credit. Therefore, the roles for each character will be determined by you, your teams of collaborators and our staff.


All productions should take place in a one week productions schedule.  The final edited version of the film should be done one week after the last day of production.  The final format of the edited film should be then ready for delivery as QuickTime file (Apple ProRes422HQ) and also a backup on a Blu-ray disc.


If you need more details please contact us for more information at


Here are some sample trailers from our production team.




Tale of a Sex Tape